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215 Peel St, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1E7

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The United Church of Canada  

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What We Believe

Zion United Church is a congregation of The United Church of Canada. Within the United Church, and within each congregation, we find a broad spectrum of theological perspectives, which is one of the strengths of the denomination that lives its faith by embracing diversity.  Throughout its history of ongoing reflection, the United Church has found it necessary to restate its faith from time to time. The most recent statement of faith from 2006 is called “A Song of Faith” and, because it most accurately reflects what we believe in our current context, we invite you to read it here: https://www.united-church.ca/community-faith/welcome-united-church-canada/song-faith

A brief expression of our faith is found in “A New Creed”, written in 1968, revised since, and often used in our times of worship, especially Baptism and Confirmation:

     We are not alone,
            we live in God’s world.
     We believe in God:
            who has created and is creating,
            who has come in Jesus,
                 the Word made flesh,
                 to reconcile and make new,
            who works in us and others
                 by the Spirit.
     We trust in God.
     We are called to be the Church:
            to celebrate God’s presence,
            to live with respect in Creation,
            to love and serve others,
            to seek justice and resist evil,
            to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
                 our judge and our hope.
     In life, in death, in life beyond death,
            God is with us.
     We are not alone.
     Thanks be to God.

You may also wish to read the older statements of faith.  The first is from the Basis of Union when The United Church was formed in 1925. All who are ordained ministers in The United Church of Canada must state that they are in ‘essential agreement’ with this statement:  https://www.united-church.ca/sites/default/files/resources/basis-of-union.pdf

Just 15 years after church union, in 1940, it was felt that a new statement of faith was needed. The 1940 Statement of Faith may be found here https://www.united-church.ca/community-faith/welcome-united-church-canada/statement-faith-1940


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We are not alone,
                we live in God’s world.

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