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215 Peel St, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1E7

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Our Staff


Minister: Rev. Marg Smith

Marg's 1st career was in education at the high school and then college level. When the youngest of her three children started university, she also began studies in theology towards her Master of Divinity. Marg was ordained by Hamilton Conference of the United Church of Canada in Fort Erie on June 1, 1997.
Since then she has served at Parkview United and St. John's United – both in Stratford - and at the Keswick/Ravenshoe Pastoral Charge in Toronto Conference.

Marg retired in the summer of 2015 back to Stratford and since then has been providing pulpit supply to various churches in the area. She is very happy to be working part-time with the staff and church family at Zion United while they are searching for a new minister.

Marg's Statement of Faith:
Mine is a very simple faith – an inclusive one. I believe that God loves us all unconditionally. Whatever our differences of faith, colour, race, sexual orientation, educational or economic status, there is a great Universal Power that created us and cares for us forever. I don't have the answers as to why bad things happen to good people, i.e., why illness strikes one person and not another. I do not believe that the tragedies in our lives are put on us by God as a punishment or discipline – I believe they are part of being a fragile human being. When tragedies do happen, I believe there is a Being greater than ourselves who holds us up and supports us through difficult times. If death comes, I believe that we pass over to a better place – that the spirit endures. I do not know the details about that place – no one does until they get there – but this belief gives me hope that death is not the end. I do not force my beliefs on to others. I try to discern where they are spiritually and then support them in a way that honours their beliefs, uses their language, and is not intrusive to them. Jesus' words and actions teach us how to live a life of loving and serving others.

Email: moc.sregor@htimsgram 


Voluntary Associate Minister: Rev. Marilyn Burnard

Rev. Marilyn Burnard

I grew up in the United Church of Canada and it has always been a significant part of my life. I decided very early in life that I was going to be a nurse. My nursing career spanned years at the Hospital for Sick Children and then at Oshawa General Hospital.
While I was in Oshawa, I started to feel the call to ministry. I spent time exploring that call but then my children were all dealing with health issues and I focussed on attending to them. I became involved with the health ministry, specifically Parish Nursing and this led me back to that earlier call. It was an exciting journey of exploring my faith and how I was being called to respond. I pursued my training at the Centre for Christian Studies based in Winnipeg.
I was very blessed to be settled in the Community Outreach Ministry that I had been working in at the time. It was a very rewarding time in my life. I was very privileged to accompany marginalized people in the most challenging times of their lives. I was welcomed into their lives in ways that touched me deeply.
It was during this time that I also had the opportunity to serve in a congregation which opened me to another very meaningful ministry and I served there until it was time to retire.
I am pleased to serve as a Voluntary Associate Minister at Zion. I believe that Zion has much to offer its members as well as the surrounding community.
In retirement, Tom and I are enjoying the wonderful time that we share with our grandchildren, # 11 is on the way. We have enjoyed many hours travelling across Canada, Alaska and most of the northern States, many of those miles on motorcycle.
My faith beliefs are my roots, what holds me grounded. Each day I find joy in the many natural wonders around us. In each small encounter as well as the more grand ones, I see the hand of God. In the toughest moments of my life, I know I am never alone and I can truly say, thanks be to God.


CE & Youth Coordinator: Kathy Poirier

Email: ac.tenlleb@htuoynoiz 


Pianist/Organist: Barbara Kellerman

Barbara grew up in Waterloo. Church and music have always been important parts of her life. Her family have been longtime members at Calvary United (formerly EUB) in Kitchener. She took piano lessons and sang in church and school choirs while growing up.
Barbara was a family physician in Newfoundland for 28 years. During that time, she continued to play piano, and also played the church organ. Upon retirement, she returned to Waterloo, and was an accompanist for the Schneider Male Chorus and also the Rockway Entertainers, a Kitchener Seniors choir. She has now retired from those positions, and is very happy to be a part of the music ministry at Zion United!


Church Administrator: Jennifer Meyer

Email: ac.tenlleb@hcruhcdetinunoiz

Jennifer grew up in Toronto, but always wanted to live in a small town, a hope that was fulfilled when she moved to Baden 15 years ago, where she still resides and raises her young family. She began her time at Zion in April 2011, and is grateful for how quickly she was made to feel part of the Zion family. When not helping her children with their homework, or doing laundry, Jennifer enjoys reading, baking and cottaging, and believes she would be very crafty, if only she had been blessed with the skills! 


Minister Emeritus: Rev. Bob Thaler


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